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Friday, January 22, 2021

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18% of Danish farmers use GNSS

RTK and EGNOS most used technologies ...

A survey in Denmark showed that 1 in 5 farmers is using some kind of GNSS technology on their machines. This is found by the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture (VFL), a major knowledge service provider in Denmark. VFL sent the internet inquiry to 14,000 farmers and had a response rate of 43%! The survey showed that in particular large farms use GNSS technology. Below 100 ha the respondents show 10% use of GNSS, while farms of 500 ha or more responded that 80% is already using GNSS.

The survey also identified major obstacles to GNSS uptake. Farmers that don't use any GNSS find their farm too small for using GNSS (51%) or don't see the economic benefit of the investment (38%).

Here below is a presentation that Jens Peter Hansen gave during the UNIFARM session at the Geospatial World Forum in May 2013 in Rotterdam.


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