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Friday, January 22, 2021

News article

60% of Dutch arable farmers use GNSS on tractors

and 40% use RTK systems. Read the whole story ...

Dutch agro-software firm Agrovision held a survey under its customers. Agrovision is market leader in the Netherlands in software solutions for agriculture and has a considerable market share under arable farmers with their software package CROP. The survey investigated the use of computer terminals on field machinery and it included questions on GNSS use. 60% of the respondents answered they use some sort of GNSS. 40% of the respondents use RTK. Other (but less used) systems are stand alone GPS and DGPS.
The survey also showed that more than a third of all respondents use a terminal to control the fertiliser spreader. 20% has a terminal on the sowing machine and 9% on the harvester.

Source: Agrovisionprint

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